St James’s is a member of Eco Congregation Scotland whose vision, values and mission are noted below.  We’ve committed to aligning our community life with these in whatever way we can and to keeping this under regular review.

Our Vision

  • A Scotland that cares for God’s creation, now and forever.

Our Values

  • We care passionately for God’s creation
  • We are a faith based movement
  • We are rooted in local groups of Christians
  • We work cooperatively with each other and with others who care about the environment
  • We encourage transformational change at individual, community and national levels

Our Mission

  • In prayer, worship and conversation we discover what it means to care for God’s creation
  • We put that care into action individually, locally, nationally and globally, desiring to live justly in a transformed world
  • We commit ourselves to campaigning on urgent threats to the web of life in our vulnerable world
Eco Congregations Scotland