In Holy Week we’re usually looking forward to our Easter Services. I’ve decided not to attempt a Maundy Thursday meal online – but our friends at L’Arche are keen to try a version of our Good Friday  ‘Way of the Cross’ walk – which we normally do across Leith Links.

This year we’ll hold an online ‘walk’ through the familiar stations, using the Zoom platform, for one hour – between 11.00am and 12.00pm on Friday. We’ll have short reflections and songs at each of the stations, as usual, with quiet time for prayer, of about 7 minutes, between each of these (the time we would normally be walking together). So this will be a contemplative and slow moving hour, in the tradition of Good Friday vigils. For this reason, please keep your microphone muted, unless you are taking one of the speaking parts. Anthony will lead short songs, as usual, which we can sing along to at home, just as we’ve been doing on a Sunday.

Just as in ‘real life’ the schedule is:
– a gathering time, at 10.45am to enjoy a Hot Cross Bun (we’ll have to supply our own this year) – as we’d normally do in the garden of The Skein. Please keep your microphones muted, and use the ‘chat’ window if you’d like to greet others.
ready to start at 11.00am

Link to join the event:

If you like to join us, please email for the password.