Making Community
Working together
We have one full time member of staff – our Rector, Revd Steve Butler, a part-time Director of Music, Suzanne Butler and an elected group of volunteer trustees, the Vestry. We are committed to collaborative leadership and organisation.

Growing together
We seek to offer practical support and inspiration by a creative, spiritual practice of prayer, song, silence and sacrament.

Living together
We aspire to be a community of welcome – and a safe place for all, irrespective of age, race, gender, tradition, sexuality, disability or health status.

Our Concerns
We look to explore a biblical perspective on life, in a thoughtful and informed way, as we seek to:
– live out the Christian faith in areas of hospitality, diversity and inclusive community;
– renew our participation in worship, faith and spirituality;
– actively campaign for social justice at all levels and be committed to the common good, trade justice and a critique of economic policies that increase poverty and inequality;

We seek to actively collaborate with and support a range of aid agencies and charities including Christian Aid, Tear Fund, L’Arche, Mercy Corps and The Rock Trust.