St James Online Service – for 27th September – ‘Pentecost 17’

Because there are no church services possible at this time, there will be a short online service at 11.00am.

Our online Service will run for about 45 minutes, using the Zoom platform –  and we will gather at 10.45 for an 11am start. Ideally everyone will be there before 11am please.

Our theme this week: Who are “We”?

Jo will be offering the Reflection.

The meeting will be moderated, and we will have active participation with readings, music and prayers. If you have any technical issues when using Zoom, please let the moderator know – using the private message option in the ‘chat’ window. Feel free to share the link & password with friends and family.


We’ve password protected the service due to recent hacking experiences of other churches. A copy of the Zoom password has been mailed to St James folk this week – if you don’t have it, please contact someone you know in St James for details. Alternatively you can email to request your addition to our mailing list.


A PDF of the service sheet will be linked here as soon as available. You can use this to follow the service in the usual way – either on screen or by printing it out.

Each section is headed by an icon that indicates whether your microphone should be muted or unmuted (OFF/RED or ON/GREEN). Please try and follow this closely so that we can all hear what’s being said at the right time. Chat text – this is a wonderful facility, especially for greeting one another. As a rule, once the service has started, please can you only use the ‘private message’ form of chat (at the place you enter your text, you can opt between sending the message to everyone, or privately to one person)


There will be a moment in the service to eat and drink something that you have ready in advance. Please have some bread ready to break and share – either with those you are with, or with everyone online by breaking it in view of the camera.